Say Hi To Our Newest Family Member...Pinky


We Love Tradition! Watch as our family grows each year!

We started a little “family” at Garrick Jewelers that you might not know about! Years ago, a little Bear, made especially for Garrick Jewelers and fittingly named “Garrick,” entered our world at Christmastime. With a purchase of $199 or more, our customers received “Garrick” as a gift. The idea became popular enough that we decided to have another Bear created for our next holiday season. That bear was named “Emerald.” “Onyx,” “Garnet,” “Opal,” "Sapphire," "Peridot,” "Amethyst," “Ruby,” "Platinum," and "Turquoise" followed in subsequent years.

This year’s addition to the family is “PINKY!” Shown above is our family portrait. Please come in and meet our special bear family…and maybe take one home with you!

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