Rajen Parekh


Rajen says his favorite name is “Dad,” because he really enjoys time spent with his sons. Others who have met Rajen at Garrick Jewelers have used words like: clever, humorous, empathetic, conscientious, helpful and deeply committed, to describe him. He has developed this sterling list of attributes through some very tough childhood years, which gave him a strong determination to have a better life as an adult. When you meet Rajen, you’ll know at once that he has succeeded! He deals kindly with customers and works hard to provide the service and products they want. Rajen enjoys being able to spend time outdoors…with his sons... and helping to manage Garrick Jewelers. “It’s great to be working with my long-time friends at Garrick Jewelers and seeing our “family of customers” grow,” says Rajen. “I’m excited about the company’s future!”

Pam Kreitz

Pam K.

Pam heads up the accounting department at Garrick Jewelers.  She will soon be with Gary and Rick 18 years. She is busy most of the time, but still finds a few hours for flower gardening as well as cooking and entertaining family and friends.  Pam’s only child, Tyler and his girlfriend Anna, live in Philadelphia.  She travels there as much as possible.  Next to visiting Tyler and Anna her favorite places to travel are Arizona and Florida.  You might also find her curled up with a good mystery novel on a cold winter’s night.  Pam doesn’t wear much jewelry, but what she wears is simple yet fashionable.  Pam helps on the sales floor during busy times as well.  So if you don’t see her, ask to meet her when you visit the store.

Lois Smeak


Lois has a passion for jewelry.  She has been in jewelry for over 35 years.  Besides jewelry she loves cooking, gardening, and traveling. She enjoys spending time with family and especially her son, Andy, and her nieces and nephews. You may hear her saying, “Is anyone up for that challenge?” if you come into the store.  Lois does the receiving and also enjoys selling her favorite gold and diamond jewelry.  Sounds like she works at the perfect place, wouldn’t you say?  If you want a salesperson that’s enthusiastic about the product she sells, ask to see Lois when you visit Garrick Jewelers.

Pam Jacobs

Pam J.

Pam is a wife, mother of three sons and one daughter, and a grandmother.  Born in Ohio, Pam moved to New York City in her late teens to study dance.  To this day, she can appreciate a dancer with true talent (and amuse her children when she breaks into a tap dance). Later, she moved “south” to Maryland for over 13 years where she worked as a legal secretary and then met her husband during St. Patrick’s Day Happy Hour.   For all you “romantics” reading this, you should know that a year later they were engaged on St. Patrick’s Day and that their wedding anniversary is also St. Patrick’s Day.  She met her husband, who is originally from Washington State, when he moved to Maryland to continue his career as a civilian for the government after serving over 9 years in the Air Force.  They later moved to Washington State for 7 years where Pam was a stay-at-home mom to their children.  When they moved to Hanover, Pam stepped into the jewelry world as a sales person/jewelry lead at Sears.  She then transitioned to Garrick Jewelers where she enjoys working with customers on whatever their needs are when they walk through Garrick’s doors.  She loves working with customers to complete a beautiful, quality piece that they will enjoy for many years.  Pam describes herself as a simple person who loves her family and friends and loves spending quality time with them as well.

Devon Bond


Devon Bond literally grew up in the jewelry business, and began working in a jewelry store at 13! While replacing watch batteries and cleaning jewelry, Devon had the opportunity to observe the work of the resident jeweler and was fascinated by the trade. Upon graduation from Hanover High School, he entered New Approach School for Jewelers, under the direction of Master Jeweler, Blaine Lewis. Devon graduated from New Approach for Jewelers in 2004.

Today Devon, his wife Sarah, and his daughter Jocelyn live in Hanover, with their "rescued" dog, "Izzy." Devon enjoys golfing in his spare time and usually vacations with family.

Using a microscope to do hand engraving and stones setting, he is able to be very precise.  Even setting a stone smaller than a millimeter can be done with great accuracy.  The Microscope and a Laser Welder allow him to do many things other people cannot.

When designing for a client, Devon prepares a quick general design, with the measured stones. He keeps the client "in the loop" during the work’s progress to assure their complete satisfaction when the finished piece is unveiled. Designing for out of town clients is not a problem, says Devon. “I can email accurate rendered images anywhere, corresponding via email, and send the finished product anywhere in the world. Custom designs can take between 2 weeks to 2 months to complete, depending on their complexity.

You may also see Devon helping on the sales floor from time to time during the busy season.  He has gained a lot of knowledge over the years in the industry and doesn’t consider himself a salesman, but more of a consultant to help you find what you are looking for.

For repair, sizing, setting and stone shaping, restyling, hand or computer engraving or one-of-a-kind design…Call, email or come into Garrick Jewelers and ask for Devon. Remember: he’s been in the jewelry business "all of his life!"

Amanda Mathews


Amanda was born in Baltimore, MD and lived most of her childhood and early adulthood in Westminster, MD until she moved to Hanover with her husband, Bill, in 2007.  Together, they have two beautiful children, Blake and Ava.  Blake is a Junior Black Belt in Hap Ki Do and plays football.  Ava is one belt shy of her Junior Black Belt, follows in her moms’ footsteps and is a cheerleader and also plays basketball.  Amanda has been working part time at Garrick Jewelers since October 2009.  Though she’s worked in other jewelry stores, she loves the friendly atmosphere at Garrick Jewelers best.  When not working at the store, Amanda is busy running the office of her husband’s tree removal company.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family, watching her kids ride their four wheelers, reading and playing with her two dogs, Chloe and Bella.



Karissa was born in Hanover, PA and has lived here her entire life. Went to New Oxford High school where she participated in Competition Cheerleading, wrestling and football cheerleading. Also varsity Club and National Art Honor Society, as well as took 7 different art courses. She has a loving family as well as a younger sister and two cats. Her favorite thing is traveling, some of the places she has been were Myrtle Beach, Cozumel and more recently the Bahamas and Hawaii. She’s currently been working at Garrick’s for two years.



Justin was born and raised in York, PA and recently joined the Garrick Jewelers team at the beginning of May, 2016.  He lives with his fiancé and 4 cats and enjoys quiet nights at home and the occasional night out on the town.  After working more than 6 years in the telecommunications industry, Justin has found a new home in the jewelry business and couldn’t be happier.  Justin says that it’s great to be a part of a team that cares about its employees as much as it does its clientele.  “The staff and the customers are a pleasure to be around, and I look forward to spending many years at Garrick Jewelers.”



Nick is a York County native and a current resident! In his free time he enjoys exploring new restaurants, new cities, and new adventures with his girlfriend of two years! Weight training, running, basketball, and soccer are a few of his hobbies He was first introduced into the jewelry business in 2007, at a jewelry store in york, where he scrapped gold and sorted stones. While attending college, Nick would work part-time for this jeweler during winter and summer breaks. In 2010, he graduated from Millersville University. He realized after graduating that his interest of the jewelry business was predominant and aspired to fulfill this career path. Researches lead him to a school, a few miles out from Nashville, Tennessee, called The New Approach School. This was the beginning of Nick’s career, as he graduated from jewelry school and became the head jeweler at Zimmerman Jewelers. Two years working as the head jeweler an opportunity fell into his lap to work under a accomplished jeweler, Devon Bond. Nick worked side by side with Devon part-time at Garrick Jewelers figuring out different approaches, utilizing modern technology in jewelry repair, and enhancing his skills as a stone setter. A few months after working part-time at Garrick Jewelers he was hired on full-time! You can find Nick working diligently at his bench beside Devon! They have become quite the dynamic duo as they perform custom and repair work for Garrick Jewelers and several other jewelry stores in the area.

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