Traditional elegance gets a dash of the unexpected.

Not only have we centered the solitaire amidst the most delicate circlet of microset diamnds, we've framed it with an elevating halo that forms a riveting bulls-eye of beauty.

Amavida, literally meaning "love for life," is a collection of some of the world's most intricately detailed and breathtaking diamond engagement rings. We’ve let our designers indulge their limitless imaginations, allowing each Amavida ring to become a work of art. The scope of the collection ranges from contemporary micro-pave to hand-engraved antique-style designs, all created with only the finest hand-cut diamonds. Each Amavida ring is an individual expression of eternal love that holds its own special meaning. When words are not enough, let an Amavida engagement ring convey the magnitude of your passion and the strength of your promise.

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