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Gabriel & Co. Bridal Engagement and Wedding Rings are among the finest in the world.

Our exceptional craftsmen individually handcraft each ring with careful attention to detail and styling.

Our diamond selection process guarantees superior quality, as each stone is thoroughly examined by an expert gemologist. Our bridal collections offer a variety of styles, as well as the flexibility to alter elements in order to create a unique heirloom. Additionally, custom-made rings can be created by our designers, so you may have a ring that is as rare as your relationship.

Our artisan jewelry designers draw inspiration from artistic and cultural influences from around the world. Then, working together with an elite team of CAD operators and hand model makers, they create a silver model which travels through our wax injection and casting systems. The casted piece is then polished, cleaned, and ready to be filled with a stone selected by our gemologist. Finally, the ring is polished and undergoes various finishing processes.

Our team of renowned jewelry designers and manufacturers have established a record of consistency in quality that is unsurpassed. We own and operate our manufacturing facility, guaranteeing superior quality. It is the collaboration of designers and manufacturers that transforms an ordinary piece of metal or stone into an extraordinary piece of jewelry.

We uphold our quality control standards throughout these processes, ensuring that each piece is thoroughly inspected prior to its arrival at the jeweler. We use top grade metals and certified diamonds within every ring. Each piece is individually inspected and contains a serial number.

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