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Devon Bond

Devon Bond literally grew up in the jewelry business, and began working in a jewelry store at 13! While replacing watch batteries and cleaning jewelry, Devon had the opportunity to observe the work of the resident jeweler and was fascinated by the trade. Upon graduation from Hanover High School, he entered New Approach School for Jewelers, under the direction of Master Jeweler, Blaine Lewis. Devon graduated from New Approach for Jewelers in 2004.

Today Devon, his wife Sarah, and his daughter Jocelyn live in Hanover, with their "rescued" dog, "Izzy." Devon enjoys golfing in his spare time and usually vacations with family.

Using a microscope to do hand engraving and stones setting, he is able to be very precise.  Even setting a stone smaller than a millimeter can be done with great accuracy.  The Microscope and a Laser Welder allow him to do many things other people cannot.

When designing for a client, Devon prepares a quick general design, with the measured stones. He keeps the client "in the loop" during the work’s progress to assure their complete satisfaction when the finished piece is unveiled. Designing for out of town clients is not a problem, says Devon. “I can email accurate rendered images anywhere, corresponding via email, and send the finished product anywhere in the world. Custom designs can take between 2 weeks to 2 months to complete, depending on their complexity.

You may also see Devon helping on the sales floor from time to time during the busy season.  He has gained a lot of knowledge over the years in the industry and doesn’t consider himself a salesman, but more of a consultant to help you find what you are looking for.



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