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Nick is a York County native and a current resident! In his free time he enjoys exploring new restaurants, new cities, and new adventures with his girlfriend of two years! Weight training, running, basketball, and soccer are a few of his hobbies

He was first introduced into the jewelry business in 2007, at a jewelry store in york, where he scrapped gold and sorted stones. While attending college, Nick would work part-time for this jeweler during winter and summer breaks. In 2010, he graduated from Millersville University. He realized after graduating that his interest of the jewelry business was predominant and aspired to fulfill this career path. Researches lead him to a school, a few miles out from Nashville, Tennessee, called The New Approach School. This was the beginning of Nick’s career, as he graduated from jewelry school and became the head jeweler at Zimmerman Jewelers.

Two years working as the head jeweler an opportunity fell into his lap to work under a accomplished jeweler, Devon Bond. Nick worked side by side with Devon part-time at Garrick Jewelers figuring out different approaches, utilizing modern technology in jewelry repair, and enhancing his skills as a stone setter. A few months after working part-time at Garrick Jewelers he was hired on full-time! You can find Nick working diligently at his bench beside Devon! They have become quite the dynamic duo as they perform custom and repair work for Garrick Jewelers and several other jewelry stores in the area.



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