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Rajen says his favorite name is “Dad,” because he really enjoys time spent with his sons. Others who have met Rajen at Garrick Jewelers have used words like: clever, humorous, empathetic, conscientious, helpful and deeply committed, to describe him.  He has developed this sterling list of attributes through some very tough childhood years, which gave him a strong determination to have a better life as an adult.  When you meet Rajen, you’ll know at once that he has succeeded! He deals kindly with customers and works hard to provide the service and products they want. Rajen enjoys being able to spend time outdoors…with his sons... and helping to manage Garrick Jewelers. “It’s great to be working with my long-time friends at Garrick Jewelers and seeing our “family of customers” grow,” says Rajen. “I’m excited about the company’s future!”



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